The UKCAT Exam


What is the UKCAT Exam?
Entry into UK medical and dental schools is competitive for both undergraduates and graduates. Entrance exams such as GAMSAT, MSAT, UKCAT and BMAT are being used increasingly to test academic ability.
The UKCAT exam is an aptitude test however, the more practice you get, the better you are likely to perform!
The UKCAT must be taken between 4 June 2007 and 10 October 2007 and consists of five subtests:
• Verbal reasoning – assesses candidate’ ability to think logically about written information and to arrive at a reasoned conclusion
• Quantitative reasoning – assesses candidates’ ability to solve numerical problems
• Abstract reasoning – assesses candidates’ ability to infer relationships from information by convergent and divergent thinking
• Decision analysis – assesses candidates’ ability to deal with various forms of information, to infer relationships, to make informed judgements, and to decide on an appropriate response, in situations of complexity and ambiguity
Non-cognitive analysis – identifies the attributes and characteristics of robustness, empathy and integrity that may contribute to successful health professional practice.

Collectively the test aims to assess the following:
• Ability to think logically and laterally
• Propensity to solve numerical and spatial problems
• Aptitude to make judgements from given information and data
• Behavioural attitudes and suitability to a career in dentistry or medicine

How can attending The preUKCAT Course help?
Although the UKCAT exam is designed to test reasoning and analytical skills, as with any examination, practice makes perfect.
The Doctors who present on the course all have teaching qualifications, they can help you understand how to improve you ability to score well on these tests.
The course uses lectures, handouts, mock exams and personalised feedback.
The UKCAT, according to the UKCAT website, “cannot cannot be revised for”, but the test CAN be prepared for! a familiarity with what you will meet in the test and a knowledge of what is required of you, combined with confidence in answering the questions, will enable you to fulfil your full potential and will remove a lot of the unnecessary anxiety and stress these tests generate.
Please note that everybody is welcome on the course – you do not need to have received an invitation.

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